Friday, August 15, 2014

Love & Hate

I love this feeling :

When he sits with me and talks about his work .

When he calls me many times within his work just to appear the interest .

When he appears his admiration about the food which I make even if  It tastes bad . 
When he feels my pains and tries to make me forget it . 

When i feel that he appreciates every member in my family .

When he comes from his work and opens the door with a big smile .

 But I hate :

When he hears only himself , do what he finds good   and ignore my feelings  even if I am right  and my opinion is better .

When he escapes from his problems .

When he puts the future behind his back and refuses to think about it .

When he hides his troubles and worries inside himself without sharing me on them .

Samah Adel